Ahmed Omar

... "Bob has gone far beyond a real estate agent's duties"       With the current state of the economy, finding a transcendent real estate agent can be the difference between paying a mortgage for an empty house or making money off of it. With the help of Bob Tettman, I quickly sold my unoccupied house. Bob has gone far beyond a real estate agent's duties by performing numerous other tasks to expedite the selling process. With his intuitive marketing skills, he was able to lure many buyers in this economy! Having dealt with other real estate agents, Bob breaks the real estate agent norm by not acting solely for his commission, but for the betterment of his clients. For that, the Omer family will be forever grateful. Thank you once again Bob for all that you have done! 

Don and Jo Sawtell

..."we'll be happy to tell anybody what a great job you've done"   Thanks for being in our corner when we received our offer! Your follow-through and perseverance during the inspection was second to none. Jo and I really appreciate what you've done for us and we'll be happy to tell anybody what a great job you've done.

David and Martha Peek

"...#1 resale price for the subdivision"   Thanks, Bob, for sticking to your guns and getting the appraisal folks back on track. The above-and-beyond effort you gave the sale of our house made the stress level manageable and maximized the price at which we were able to sell.  I LOVE that our old house is now the #1 resale price for the subdivision!  We said we wanted a bulldog when we hired you and a bulldog is what we got!  Woof-woof! 

Florence McEachin

"...marketing ideas helped me get an additional $5,000"   Just wanted to send a short note to let you know how much I appreciated your work for me when I sold my home. Your attention to detail and marketing ideas helped me get an additional $5,000 when we sold my home!  And when you're on a fixed income like me...  $5,000 means a whole lot. My sincere thanks for all you've done! 

Sandy Streicher

"...one of the most savvy real estate agents in Gwinnett County"   From one neighbor to another...   thank you!  I never realized that I was living across the street from one of the most savvy real estate agents in Gwinnett County for almost 20 years! When Bob passed away and I decided to move into Gary's house you did everything just the way I had hoped. I'll miss you as a neighbor and wish you continued success in your real estate career!

Trung and Lena Nguyen

"...69 days from "for sale" to closing"   When you approached us about listing our home, it had been on the market "For Sale By Owner" for over four months.  You said you'd give our home maximum exposure and non-stop attention and that's exactly what we received.  I still can't believe it was only sixty-nine days from listing day one to closing!  Your marketing efforts were second to none and you can bet we'll be happy to recommend your services to anyone thinking of selling their home in this difficult market!